Tenute Lu Spada Winery

Get ready to embark on a journey back in time to the ancient winemaking traditions of Brindisi with Tenute Lu Spada. Founded in 2015 by a group of friends who shared a vision of reviving the viticulture tradition in this historic city, Tenute Lu Spada has quickly become a must-visit destination for wine lovers.

Their commitment to organic farming is evident in every aspect of their operation, from the retrieval and conversion of historically viticultural land to the restoration of an old masseria in the midst of the vineyards, creating a cozy tasting area, wine shop, and office.

Brindisi’s rich history is steeped in viticulture tradition, dating back to the Messapian period and continuing through the Greek and Roman empires. In fact, writers such as Horace and Pliny the Elder wrote about the wines of Brindisi as far back as 30 B.C. The commercial amphorae manufactured in Brindisi during the Roman Empire are a testament to the noteworthy winemaking past of this historic city.

With Tenute Lu Spada, you can taste history in every bottle of their exceptional wines. Their dedication to reviving the ancient viticulture tradition of Brindisi is evident in every sip, offering a true taste of the land and the people who have cultivated it for centuries.

So come and discover the magic of Brindisi with Tenute Lu Spada and experience the true essence of Italian winemaking.

Tenute Lu Spada Winery - Selection of Wines

Masada, rosso Brindisi DOC – Negroamaro

Philonianum, rosso Salento IGT – biologico Susumaniello

Moriglione, rosso Salento IGT – biologico Primitivo

Nyroca, rosso Salento IGT – biologico Negroamaro

Avocetta, bianco Salento IGT – biologico Minutolo

Tuffetto, rosato Salento IGT – biologico Negroamaro

Grigiombra, bianco Salento IGT – biologico Vermentino

Fuoco Rosa, rosato Salento IGT – biologico Negroamaro e Susumaniello

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