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The Brunetti family’s story began in the early 1900s, when they started cultivating their own lands and producing wine-grapes and table-grapes among olive groves and orchards.

But it wasn’t until the 80s, when Angelo Brunetti had to leave his lands due to the workload, that Maria Grazia Di Francesco picked up this dream and made it her own. A woman with a passion for wine and a fascination for vineyards, Maria Grazia discovered herself in this dream and realized it until it became a reality. She nurtured the vineyards with love and dedication, producing remarkable grapes that were bottled in 2005 as a great Nero d’Avola.

This was just the beginning of Casa Grazia’s journey into winemaking. Casa Grazia’s terroir is unique, drawing on the remarkable sapidity of the Biviere, a special place steeped in folk memories and home to protected species and rare plants.

This distinctive feature can be found in every bottle of Casa Grazia’s wine, a testament to the hard work and passion that goes into every step of the winemaking process. Step into the world of Casa Grazia and experience the magic of a dream turned destiny.

From the vineyards to the bottle, every sip of Casa Grazia’s wine is a reflection of their commitment to quality, passion, and the land that has been a part of their family for generations.

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Discover the Intense and Fragrant Taste of INVOLIO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Experience the intense and fragrant taste of INVOLIO Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced from the sun-drenched lands surrounding the Biviere Lake, a protected Natural Reserve that exudes the scent of the Mediterranean Sea. Casa Grazia carefully blends Biancolilla and Cerasuola olives and extracts the oil using a cold-pressed technique, preserving all of its exceptional qualities. Harvested in the first ten days of October and hand-picked with care, the olives are then processed using a hammer crushing method and cold extraction system in continuous operation to produce 15 liters of oil for every 100 kilograms of olives. The resulting oil possesses a jade-green color, nuanced with hints of artichoke and sour almond, and has a soft and full flavor, maintaining the characteristics of freshly picked olives.

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