Desirè Liquori Italian Spirits Brand

With an unwavering passion for over a century, Desire Group has been crafting the finest liqueurs and syrups. Embarking on a journey that began in Naples and taking their products across Italy and beyond, their offerings have captured hearts and palates alike.

A history built on experience, continuous experimentation, and an unyielding focus on customer needs has led to a dazzling array of products, catering to both traditionalists and those enamored with the latest mixology trends. Desire Group boasts of three illustrious brands, each with a unique offering.

La Sorgente, with over a century of existence, commands immense respect in the liqueur and natural syrup sector. It was the first industry to produce liqueurs in Naples and has since upheld a commitment to using only the best raw materials.

Desirè Liquori reigns supreme as the market leader in the production of liqueurs, syrups, rum, grappa, limoncello, and beverages. With distribution in HO.RE.CA. and large-scale outlets in Italy, their products are favored by mixologists seeking perfection. Saba’s humble beginnings as a producer of high-quality almond milk and related beverages has culminated in its position as one of the foremost producers of syrups for soft drinks.

A focus on fruit preparations for cocktails only adds to their allure. The icing on the cake? Desire Group’s third-party processing allows for the creation of custom liqueurs, syrups, and private label drinks.

Desirè Liquori Italian Spirits Brand - Selection of Spirits

Liquore Le Fragoline Desirè

Desirè Limoncello Isola Azzurra

Desirè Bagni Rhum

Desirè Alcool Puro 96°

Desiré Grappa Vigna Oro

Desire Amaro Herbanegra Botaniche

Anice Forte Desirè

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