Cantine Chessa – Usini Winery

If you’re looking for a wine that truly captures the essence of its terroir, look no further than the offerings from this family of winegrowers in northern Sardinia. For over 60 years, they have been preserving the ancient knowledge and purity of their vines, resulting in exceptional grapes that thrive in the unique soil composition, climate, and microclimate of Usini. Their commitment to tradition is evident in every bottle they produce, yet they also incorporate modern winemaking techniques to create wines of outstanding quality that are both typical and authentic.

The Vermentino and Cagnulari grapes that grow in this special terroir offer scents and nuances that are truly exceptional, making each sip a journey through the heart of Sardinia.

Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or simply looking to try something new, these wines are sure to impress.

They offer a true taste of the land and the people who have worked it for generations, blending tradition and terroir to create a wine that is both timeless and unique. So pour yourself a glass and let the flavors of Usini transport you to a place of warmth, beauty, and rich cultural heritage.

Cantine Chessa Usini Winery - Selection of Wines

Mattariga Vermentino di Sardegna DOC

Cagnulari Isola dei Nuraghi IGT

Gemmanera Cannonau di Sardegna DOC

Lugherra Isola dei Nuraghi IGT

C'Era Una Volta Vermentino di Sardegna DOC

Kentàles Moscato di Sardegna Passito DOC

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