PRO.VI.MA Winery

In the heart of Matelica, a tale as ancient as the Picentes tombs unfolds at the PRO.VI.MA Winery. A history rooted in over 2000 years of viticulture, this winery bears witness to the enduring relationship between its unique terroir and the verdant vines of Verdicchio.

Established in 1932, amidst a turbulent political era, the PRO.VI.MA cellar was positioned near the train station, symbolizing a nexus of tradition and commerce, as grapes journeyed by rail from vine to vat. Known in its earlier days as the ‘Enopolio’ or ‘Centrale del Vino di Matelica,’ this winery, which once swelled with 40,000 hectolitres of wine in the 1950s and ’60s, now honors a commitment to quality over quantity, echoing the region’s rich history while meeting contemporary tastes.

Today, as new and young vineyards join the cooperative, the PRO.VI.MA Winery remains a living testament to the deep-rooted passion of Matelica’s wine producers – a legacy bottled with every harvest, authentic and ever-enduring.

PRO.VI.MA Winery - Selection of Wines

EGOS – Marche IGT Rosato

EGOS – Verdicchio Di Matelica DOC

Egos – Marche IGT Merlot


Marche IGT Chardonnay – La Signorina

Verdicchio Di Matelica DOC Jana

Verdicchio Di Matelica Riserva DOCG 2019


Verdicchio Di Matelica DOC

Marche IGT Rosso Jana

Metodo Classico V.S.Q. Extra Brut


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