Abbona Winery

In the heart of Italy’s Langhe region lies the Abbona Winery, a beacon of tradition and innovation under the nurturing hands of the Abbona family. This venerable estate is deeply rooted in the rich soil of Dogliani, renowned for its expressive Dolcetto wines. The story begins with visionaries Marziano Abbona and his son, Celso, who planted the legendary Bricco Doriolo vineyard. Today, this sacred plot produces the prestigious ‘Papà Celso’ cru wine – a tribute to Celso’s pioneering spirit.

Under Marziano’s daughters, Mara and Chiara, the winery has gracefully adapted to modern times, embracing digital communication while maintaining a cherished personal touch with visitors.

Abbona Winery crafts not just wines, but stories. Each bottle is a narrative, marrying the strength of tradition with a taste for innovation. It’s a living testament to a family’s journey, as vibrant and captivating as the wines it lovingly produces. Cheers to Abbona, where each sip is a heartfelt chapter in an enduring, captivating story.

Abbona Winery - Selection of Wines

Dogliani Docg San Luigi

Langhe Doc Barbera Casaret

Barbera d'Alba Doc Rinaldi

Nebbiolo d'Alba Doc Bricco Barone

Langhe Doc Nebbiolo Garombello

Docg Barbaresco

Docg Barolo

Langhe Doc Rosso I Due Ricu

Langhe Doc Favorita Valle dell'Olmo

Roero Arneis Docg Tistin

Metodo Classico V.S.Q. Extra Brut

Alta Langa Docg Extra Brut

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