The Lungarotti Winery

The illustrious Lungarotti family, whose passionate love affair with the fertile land of Torgiano in Umbria, Italy, has transcended generations, becoming an enduring legacy of the region’s remarkable winemaking traditions. At the helm of this prestigious estate stands the legendary Giorgio Lungarotti, a trailblazing visionary whose groundbreaking contributions to the field of Italian oenology forever changed the game. Today, the house of Lungarotti upholds its founder’s esteemed legacy, continuing to champion the principles of sustainable production and uncompromising quality.

A true family affair, the Lungarotti enterprise owes its ongoing success to the tireless efforts of the devoted daughters, Chiara and Teresa, who, aided by their mother, Maria Grazia, and the sons of Teresa, Francesco and Gemma, have emerged as the heirs apparent of the winemaking empire, carrying forward the family’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

The Lungarotti Winery - Selection of Wines


Rubesco Riserva Vigna Monticchio

San Giorgio

Brut Rosé


Cadetto Rosso

50 Special Edition

Experience the Unparalleled Taste of Torgiaro Estate's Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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