Castello di Uviglie – The Uviglie Castle Winery

Let us regale you with the tale of Simone Lupano and his winery, a veritable jewel of the region. With a deep passion for the land that has been passed down for over five centuries, the vineyards are a true testament to the beauty of the region, as recognized by UNESCO in their world heritage site.

The Uviglie Castle winery is a dynamic production, spanning 120 hectares of carefully cultivated land, of which 25 are devoted solely to the vineyards. And what an operation it is, boasting a collection capacity of 3,500 hl, with the latest technological advancements being utilized alongside traditional methods of vinification to ensure the utmost respect for the unique character of the territory.

It is with great pride that The Uviglie Castle Winery presents to you the fruits of their labor, for the current production stands at an impressive 90,000 bottles per year, each one a testament to the dedication and passion they put into every step of the winemaking process. So come, join them in savoring the exquisite flavors of this beloved region, captured in every bottle of The Uviglie Castle wines

Castello di Uviglie (The Uviglie Castle Winery) - Selection of Wines

Bricco Del Conte


San Bastiano

La Costa


Le Cave

Pico Gonzaga


Le Cave

Bricco del Ciliegio

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