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In the early 20th century, against the sepia-toned backdrop of Italy, Giovanni Battista Cantele left Pramaggione to follow the woman who would become his wife and the mother of his children. He worked in the wine world in Puglia before settling in Lecce, a city forgotten by time. His son, Augusto Cantele, discovered his passion for white wines in Veneto and returned to his family in Lecce in the 1970s to work as a consultant before producing the first bottles with the Cantele family name in the 1990s. Today, Giovanni Battista Cantele and Teresa Manara’s grandchildren, Gianni, Paolo, Umberto, and Luisa, continue the family’s passion and talent for wine.

These wines are not just a beverage, but a piece of history. In the vineyards, time is the alphabet of the earth, each passing moment a stroke in its calligraphy, especially in the south where the sun casts a frontier of light that blends destinies, moments, and memories.

Life is the secret voice that whispers through the vines, and love is the sweet nectar that flows through every bottle, telling the story of a family’s passion and talent.

Cantele Winery - Selection of Wines



Negroamaro Rosato



Salice Salentino Riserva

Rohesia Malvasia Bianca

Rohesia Negroamaro

Rohesia Susumaniello

Teresa Manara Chardonnay

Teresa Manara Negroamaro

Teresa Manara Chardonnay VT

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